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Emplacement du Château de Bonport à Tresserve
Ecusson - CHateau de Bonport Tresserve
Ecusson Megève - Château de Bonport Tresserve
Ecusson Megève - Château de Bonport Tresserve

The castle of Bonport-Tresserve throught the ages

The first traces of the castle date back to 1344, as the property of Humbert de Seyssel.

1584 - The Castle of Bon Port is built

1668 – The CAPRE family of Megève

François Capré of Megève becomes the property owner on the 19th of February 1668. He embellishes the Castle of Bon Port, builds a home in the courtyard, horse stables and outbuildings.

1706 – Following his death, his surviving heirs are : his son Hyacinthe, count of Megève and knight of honor of the Senate, followed by his grandson, François-Hyacinthe, colonel of the Dragons of the King known as the ‘Knight of Bon Port.’ His brother comes after him, Charles-Auguste-Joseph, officer of the Regiment of Savoy. He would sell the domaine in 1751.

1751 – The CREMPIGNY family

Louis François Bertier of Saint VIncent, lord of Crempigny, buys the castle. The family will remain in the castle until the tragic death of Adèle of Crempigny, the White Lady.

1806 – Joachim Mayan, Director of Customs in the province of Parma.

1809 – François Magnin, annuitant from Aix-les-Bains.

He transforms the location into an elegant auberge and organizes dinners and electoral campaigning for the rich bathers from Aix. The castle becomes a highly sought after strolling promenade.

Ancienne carte du domaine du Château
Photo ancienne du Lac du Bourget
« Je vous souhaite la bienvenue au Château de Tresserve. »
Nicolas Tournier
Photo ancienne du château

1847 – The Baron and Baroness of the Bourget

1870 – Joseph Charlton Parr, British. He lives here nearly 45 years. He expands the castle and restores it in 1872.

1914 – Henri Gauthier, an industrialist from Lyon. He then leaves the property to his daughter, spouse of Mr. Dupoizat.

The 1960s bring change to the castle : widening of the road and tourism developments (The Lido).

1970 – Mr. Joseph Claret Tournier, hotelier from Courchevel, buys the Castle of Bon Port from Mrs. Dupoizat.

He lives here with his spouse and children. The farm, whose final renter was the Dumoulin family, is sold to a promoter : the land is subdivided under the name ‘Poet’s Hill’

Upon his death, the Castle changes hands once more. This property owner rents the space to a disco operator.

2008 – The castle is completely destroyed by fire.

2013 – Mr. Nicolas Claret Tournier, hotelier from Courchevel (Le Lana buys his childhood home and begins complete restoration to return the castle to its former glory.

2020 – The structural work completed, the finishing work stage begins and reservations are accepted for the spring of 2021.

Le Château de Bonport en 1900


Le Château de Tresserve en 2000


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205 Bord du Lac – 73100 Tresserve

Sur les rives du Lac du Bourget, à proximité d'Aix-Les-Bains en Savoie.

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